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Fantasy Blogosphere: January 7, 2011

The fantasy blogosphere onslaught continues this week, with reviews of books new and old alike, from The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin to A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin. Interviews with Brandon Sanderson and Ursula K. Le Guin crossed this week, and we see releases from top authors Tad Williams, Joe Abercrombie and more. More buildup for the Game of Thrones HBO series with a spotlight at the L.A. Times and a new “artisans” video hitting the web. Even further GRRM news with Bantam purchasing the comic book rights for A Song of Ice and Fire, and cap the week off with a trailer for the new Lord of the Rings video game!

Game of Thrones HBO Series The Artisans: Sword Training

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Trailer

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Fantasy Blogosphere: February 21, 2010

Winter is almost here. George R.R. Martin announced that he’s 1,261 pages into A Dance with Dragons, supporting my prediction the novel would be released in 2010, and in general giving me a good feeling all over. Jim Cameron plans to release an Avatar prequel novel in 2010, which he has not begun writing yet. Ambitious, but what do you expect from one of the most ambitious filmmakers in history. Perhaps the the interview of the decade, with R.A. Salvatore interviewing Margaret Weis on her new novel with Tracy Hickman and writing in a world based on role-playing games in general. We cap this week where I turn back my clock an hour here in Brazil by turning back the clock and remembering countless hours spent with the red box, the first in the old Dungeons & Dragons boxed set.

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Fantasy Blogosphere: December 13, 2009

Everyone is gearing up for the holidays, and this means two things: people are talking about the best books from 2009 (gift ideas!), and people are talking about the most anticipated books form 2010.

We start off with a healthy assortment of reviews, get into a pair of fantastic interviews (check out Rothfuss & Abercrombie – they’re downright hilarious), and top it off with some industry news, recaps of 2009 and outlooks for 2010. I should note that Pat over at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist seems to be doing everything right this holiday season, hence the need to link to him four times. Great stuff.

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Fantasy Blogosphere: July 26, 2009

The fantasy book world is all a buzz with Joe Abercrombie’s latest novel, Best Served Cold.  Abercrombie even grabbed commentary from the great one, George R.R. Martin, which is like giving your book’s marketing campaign a shot of nitrous.  Vroom vroom!

Before you read the review of Robin Hobb’s most recent publication, Dragon Keeper, beware: it contains spoilers for the previous nine books.  I found out the hard way, and let the author know how I felt in the comments section.

What are your feelings on reviews that give away plot details?  Do you prefer reviews with plot summaries, or would you rather have a review detail all the aspects possible about the book without giving away any of the story?  Let me know!

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