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The Guild – Holy Catch Up!

“Never say Old Black Ollie didn’t parlay with progress!”

I can’t believe, with how much I love The Guild, that I totally missed the first 5 (well, 6, with the music video) episodes of Season 4. I guess its been a busy 2010 so far. For those of you who don’t know, The Guild is a hilarious web show for nerds everywhere that comments nicely on the recent popularity of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. You could watch it for that. Or you could just watch it because its hilarious.

Either way, here are the first five episodes of The Guild, Season 4. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss the bonus music video down at the bottom. Rock on, Guildies.

The Guild, Season 4, Episode 1: Epic Guilt

The Guild, Season 4, Episode 2: Strange Allies

The Guild, Season 4, Episode 3: Oversupportive’d

The Guild, Season 4, Episode 4: Moving On

The Guild, Season 4, Episode 5: Loot Envy

The Guild, Season 4, Music Video: Game On

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