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Fantasy Blogosphere: August 15, 2010

Great reviews crossed the blogosphere this week, from Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay, to The Scarab Path by Adrian Tchaikovsky and others. Check out the interviews with Brent Weeks, Patrick Rothfuss, Ursula K. Le Guin, and James Cameron. Rounding out this week in fantasy blogosphere news is a review of The Eye of the World #4 comic, cover art for the Knife of Dreams eBook, and a desktop wallpaper for Brent Week’s The Black Prism.

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Fantasy Blogosphere: November 8, 2009

A quiet week overall in the fantasy book blogosphere, but I did come across a few video game/film crossovers that got me excited. We’ve got a review of an older Robert Jordan book, and a few more interviews, fallout from last week’s release of The Gathering Storm.

The Prince of Persia movie looks really well done:

and if this isn’t the best pre-release promotion for a video game ever, I’m not sure what is:

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