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Fantasy Blogosphere: January 24, 2010

If our last Fantasy Blogosphere post was the most eclectic yet, then this is the most abundant. Chock full of review goodness, this post features reviews of books by Robin Hobb, David Anthony Durham, Ken Scholes, George R.R. Martin, Guy Gavriel Kay, Daniel Abraham, James Barclay and Terry Pratchett, and a triage of Jim Butcher reviews from NextRead. Pat’s got a fresh interview with Joe Abercrombie, and there’s exciting news all around; its looking like we’re really going to see A Game of Thrones as an HBO series, R.A. Salvatore signs for 6 additional Forgotten Realms books, and the movie rights for Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy have been optioned. What a great time to be a fantasy fan!

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Fantasy Blogosphere: September 13, 2009

We’ve got boatloads of fun this week, from reviews of books by Brandon Sanderson, Daniel Abraham, and Mercedes Lackey, to a chat with David Anthony Durham.  Tack on the top 25 Babes of DragonCon and a revolution in online gaming, and you’re going to be a busy bee this week.

Fun Corner

So Warcraft and Warhammer just found themselves some serious new competition.  Dungeons & Dragons Online is now free:

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